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Sometimes I Have To Change It Up!

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

Yes... Sometimes I just need a break from painting and I love to throw myself into a 3D project!

I believe that expanding your mind in another creative direction is all good!

Being creative is a process of working through problems and figuring out how to use the medium in front of you. As I work through my sculptures I’ve learned what I need to help keep them upright during the building process....cups, blocks of wood, pieces of old foam etc. I have recently discovered that instead of making my forms from crumpled paper and tape, a bag of old plastic bits I have saved from the recycle box makes a good form! Exciting! Once more I have turned waste into an art piece!

At the moment I have been using a product, Celuclay, which you can pick up at craft stores. Once the form is made, I cover it with tin foil then mix up a batch of celuclay and apply to my form. The possibilities are endless and it’s great fun!

In the future I hope to take a ceramics course so keep looking here for new pieces or follow me on Instagram!

Take care,


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