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A Bit About My Abstract Art

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

Hello! Welcome to my website! Today I want to start with telling you about the many different types of mediums I work in. This includes, found metal, paper, texturing compounds, acrylic paint, inks, pastels, graphite, fabric and anything else that might interest me to add or use in my art piece.

I work intuitively through a piece which consists of many layers, building over days and weeks. The piece speaks to me as I move through this process adding and subtracting till I feel it is finished. Often I don’t sign my name on the front by rather sign on the side or on the back. This allows the client to hang the piece any way they like, which I feel makes them an active part in the end process.

One of my favourite pieces is show in the photo here, where I have painted the sky then added metal and compounds to the bottom. This difference between top and bottom creates drama and when seen at a distance pull the observer in! I loved creating this piece and will continue down this path with similar pieces .....a collection in the making!

I hope you will join me on my journey of discovery!


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